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Medpark medical check-up – Know that you are healthy in one day!

03 Feb, 2017

Medpark medical check-up service packages include a full set of laboratory and radiological investigations and consultations of specialists, after which the overall condition of the body is thoroughly evaluated.

Prophylactic medical examination allows to detect the risk factors for your health, and diagnose certain illnesses at their early stage, such as:

  • cardiac
  • hepatic
  • gastro-intestinal
  • oncologic
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • diabetes
  • tuberculosis and others.

Why have a medical check-up at Medpark?

Even if you consider yourself healthy, complete medical examination at Medpark will help exclude health risks, prevent the development of possible illnesses and treat the pathologies at an early stage, before they threaten your health.

Know that you are healthy in one day!

Complete medical examinations at Medpark are carried out fast, being the right solution even for very busy people. The results are assessed by a team of experienced doctors and delivered within the same day, together with individual recommendations on lifestyle and elimination of risk factors for your health. Medication or rehabilitation shall be prescribed, if necessary.

Which package is suitable for you?

Investigations and consultations are selected and grouped into sets based on age, sex or affections, which rapidly evaluates all aspects of your health. These include laboratory tests, imaging investigations, functional examinations and specialized consultations of our physicians, who are always abreast of the latest innovations in medicine.

See the complete list of check-up packages, by accessing Medpark Medical Check-ups

Schedule your check-up now!

In order to have a complete medical examination at Medpark, you need to schedule an appointment by phone call (+373 22) 40 00 40 or directly at the hospital reception.

It is recommended to repeat the medical check-up once a year in order to detect any derangements in useful time and correct them before they cause problems.