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School for future parents

Did you find out that you are going to become parents and have already asked you dozens of questions? At Medpark, we encourage both partners to actively engage in the wonderful process of bringing the baby to the world and help you shake off all the doubts or fears of pregnancy and childbirth.

In order for the mother to be happy and happy from the first weeks of pregnancy, and the baby to develop healthy and harmonious, we come up with a new concept of Medpark prenatal courses: more interactive, more practical and convenient.

The future parents’ school will be in the form of interactive workshops where participants will find answers to all of their questions, from the most common (how to choose a doctor or what a pregnant woman is allowed to eat) to the least common but equally important (what cosmetics the future mum may use or what to know about flying by plane).

SCHOOL PROGRAM is intended for future parents to bring their babies to the world. We recommend that parents plan for a course in the third trimester of pregnancy. The program includes 3 workshops where you will learn everything you need to know about the health of your future mum and baby:

  • Natural birth vs. birth cesarean delivery, relaxation techniques in labor, as well as everything you need to know about anesthesia and pain relief in labor.
  • Newborn care course: first aid measures and solutions to problems that may arise during the first year of life of the baby
  • Breastfeeding from A to Z, indications of correct and effective breastfeeding, feeding during lactation.

All participants in the School of Future Parents receive diplomas, gifts and benefit from a tour of the Medpark International Hospital.

Note: The course is conducted in Romanian (only some lessons in the course may be in Russian, depending on the speaker).

Make sure you have a quiet pregnancy and that you will bring the world a healthy and happy baby! Join the Future Parents School now to receive cutting-edge information, advice and recommendations from the competent Medpark International Hospital specialists with extensive experience in the field.

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