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Medical Oncology

Medpark Oncology Center offers high performance services to patients with malignant and benign tumors, from the moment of detection until the successful completion of treatments, including post-treatment monitoring.

The medical oncologist treats and monitors the oncological patient from the moment of confirmation of the diagnosis and throughout the treatment, collaborating with the other specialists involved in all stages of treatment and evaluation of each individual patient. The medical oncologist coordinates the administration of systemic treatment: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, including palliative treatment.


Chemotherapy involves the administration of drugs in order to destroy or slow down the development of cancer cells. The systemic treatment plan is selected individually, according to the diagnosis and standard schemes, recommended by the European Guides and which include a specific regimen: period, frequency and doses, calculated by standard formulas according to the individual patient’s parameters, essential for the efficiency of the treatment.

Patients can benefit from systemic treatment for several types of cancer at Medpark, including under the guidance of international specialists. Nurses have experience in administering chemotherapeutic treatment and care for patients with special needs.

Chemotherapy is applied in most cases in combination with surgical treatment, radiotherapy, immunotherapy or other treatment methods.


Immunotherapy refers to the treatments developed to stimulate the body’s immune system in the fight against diseases and, specifically, with cancer. If chemotherapy destroys cancer cells, immunotherapy helps the healthy ones to fight the disease.

The medicines used for this purpose (immunotherapeutic) may be different: immunoinhibitors, cell therapy and so on. The medical oncologist is the one who will recommend the treatment according to the individual particularities of the tumor, as it is not recommended in certain types of cancer and is not useful in all stages of the disease.

Targeted molecular therapy

Likewise, it involves the administration of drugs, but which have the role of preventing the development of cancer cells and not destroying them, as in the case of chemotherapy. The molecular therapy treatment is based on patient’s genetic information in order to identify which molecules may be most effective for a particular type of cancer.

Monitoring of oncological patients

The cancer treatment is always long lasting, it includes several stages and after the completion of the active treatments the patient must continue to be monitored by the therapeutic team.

  • The purpose of monitoring is:
  • Monitoring the body’s response to treatments;
  • Management of possible side effects;
  • Analyzing the evolution of the disease;
  • Early detection of possible relapses.

The monitoring plan is individual for each patient, depending on the type of cancer, the stage of the disease and the treatments administered. The oncologist will establish the schedule of the necessary visits and investigations, according to the recommendations of international guidelines.

Oncological disease control is essential for the success of the treatment!

Dr. Nadejda Corobcean, Associate Professor, with over 15 years of experience in the field, coordinates the medical oncology activity and ensures the administration of systemic treatment in accordance with international guidelines, in collaboration with the specialists from abroad and the Medpark specialized medical nurses team.

  • Multidisciplinary team that collaborates to identify the best treatment plan for each patient (“Tumor Board”), consisting of: medical oncologist, morphopathologist, radiologist, surgeon, radiotherapist, psychotherapist and specialized nurses;
  • Providing complete support to patients, from screening, diagnosis, to treatment of the most complex cases and post-treatment monitoring;
  • Performing diagnostic equipment and modern surgical infrastructure;
  • Treatment methods according to international guidelines and protocols;
  • High quality medicines and supplies;
  • Collaboration with top hospitals worldwide specialized in oncology, for a second medical opinion and for carrying out treatments that cannot be performed in the country.
  • Medpark International Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International – the highest level of appreciation in the medical field, which guarantees the quality of services and patient’s safety.
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