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Loyalty Program THANK YOU

Dear patient,

Because you are with us, we want to say THANK YOU and give you a bunch of presents!

  • Now at 5000 lei spent on provided medical services, you get free a consultation to your favorite doctor
  • For the next 10000 lei spent on provided medical services, you get a bonus in amount of 500 lei in your personal account and you can use them for other medical services.

You will be automatically included in the loyalty program if you start using hospital’s medical services affiliated with this program and only if you are not the beneficiary of other discounts and programs (corporate discounts, discount cardholder, insurance company beneficiary, CNAM beneficiary, promotional discount)

Within loyalty program, are included the following medical services: consultation in polyclinic, lab tests, functional investigations, medical procedures, therapeutic admission/daily admission, medical services provided by the Emergency Unit.

For more details about loyalty program, please get acquainted to the Regulation.