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Medpark International Hospital offers high-performance services to oncological patients, from the moment of identifying the health problem until the successful completion of treatments, including post-treatment monitoring.


Medpark oncology team has vast experience in the field and collaborates with internationally renowned specialists for the most accurate diagnosis and for providing the most effective treatment and monitoring of the patient evolution. For complex cases, Medpark, in collaboration with Anadolu Medical Center, can offer medical evaluation by a multidisciplinary commission, which meets especially to find the best treatment solution.

  • PET-CT

PET-CT scan is one of the most advanced cancer diagnosis methods in present. In the Republic of Moldova it is only available at Medpark International Hospital. PET-CT is an integrated medical imaging technique that combines 2 types of scanning: PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computerized tomography). The investigation is used for early diagnosis of cancer, location, tumor staging, early detection of relapses , metastases and evaluation of the treatment efficiency in oncological conditions.

  • Scintigraphy

Scintigraphy is a modern imaging technique, used in nuclear medicine, which allows the detection of numerous diseases that are found both structurally and functionally, at the level of the bone system and the thyroid gland. for high-performance PET-CT and Scintigraphy investigations call 069 60 22 00.

  • Chemotherapy

Patients can benefit of chemotherapy treatments at Medpark, under the guidance of international specialists. Nurses have experience in administering chemotherapeutic treatment and care for patients with special needs.

In case of need for radiation therapy, the oncologist Medpark will guide the patient in applying the treatment to the specialized hospital abroad.

  • Oncological surgery

The surgical team has endowed surgical rooms and specialists with experience in the surgical treatment of brain, gynecological, colon or neurosurgical tumors.

  • “Health without borders” for serious cases

Through the “Health without Borders” program, seriously ill patients, who cannot be treated in the country, can benefit from the expertise of Medpark doctors and international specialists for complex treatments at home and abroad. As part of the program, Medpark provides the patient with complex medical assistance from the moment of identifying the health problem to the post-treatment monitoring. The service contains two components:

  • Medical assistance – establishing the correct diagnosis, confirming the diagnosis, elaborating the treatment strategy, elaborating the treatment plan, assisting during the treatment, monitoring the patient until the final recovery.
  • Technical assistance (for treatment abroad) – analyzing the documents, preparing the file, translating the documents and sending them to the partner medical institutions, assistance in arranging the travel abroad.

Most of the necessary investigations and consultations will be carried out in the country. Thus, patients will pay much less for the medical services that can be performed in Moldova, but they are so expensive in other states. The Medpark medical team will be in permanent contact with the medical team abroad throughout the treatment.

For the implementation of the program, Medpark collaborates with top international hospitals. The first collaboration agreement was signed with “Anadolu Medical Center”, affiliated with the top American hospital of John Hopkins – a center of excellence in health, which ranks 4th globally in the top of the hospitals with the most advanced technology in oncology, nuclear medicine, spinal transplantation, robotic surgery, etc.

  • Multidisciplinary team that collaborates to identify the best treatment plan for each patient (Tumor Board), consisting of: medical oncologist, morphopathologist, radiologist-imagist, specialist surgeon, radiotherapist, psychotherapist and specialized nurses;
  • Providing complete support to patients, from screening, diagnosis, to treatment of the most complex cases and post-treatment monitoring;
  • Modern diagnostic equipments and modern surgical infrastructure;
  • Treatment methods according to international guidelines and protocols;
  • Medicines and consumables of the highest quality;
  • Collaboration with top hospitals worldwide, specialized in oncology for a second medical opinion and for realizing treatments that cannot be performed in the country.
  • Medpark International Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International – the highest level of appreciation in the medical field, which guarantees the quality of services and patient safety.

For appointments and details call 022 40 00 40 (available 24/24).