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Coblation – ENT modern surgical treatment now available at Medpark

ENT and audiology
18 Jan, 2017

Pain or inflammation of the tonsils is among the most common problems faced by both children and adults. In case of repeated infections, we can already diagnose chronic tonsillitis. Without treatment, it may cause difficulty in breathing, swallowing, constant low-grade fever, and this may eventually lead to more serious complications, such as affections of the kidneys or heart valves, skin or eyes disorders.

People, suffering from chronic tonsillitis or whose tonsils cause difficulties in breathing and swallowing, most often need tonsillectomy – a surgical intervention to remove tonsils.

Patients, especially children, are reluctant to having surgical interventions due to difficult recovery period, but modern treatment methods allow to perform tonsillectomy surgery in conditions of maximum safety and minimal discomfort.

Tonsillectomy by coblation is a bloodless surgery

Coblation represents an innovative method in ENT surgery, with many advantages for the patient.

Andrei Panfil, ENT surgeon Medpark: “Unlike the traditional method, coblation does not cause bleeding or thermal trauma to surrounding tissues compared to laser or bipolar method.

The intervention is performed using  the coblation device – a modern instrument using radio frequency, which, in combination with saline ions, creates a plasma field that dissolves pericapsular tissues without affecting the adherent ones.”

Advantages of coblation technology:

  • Minimal postoperative pain and discomfort;
  • Short period of recovery (5-10 days in comparison with the classic method, which requires 10-20 days);
  • Much lower risk of operative and postoperative complications such as bleeding.

Which patients can have this procedure?

Tonsillectomy is performed after consultation with ENT doctor and it is usually recommended to patients with frequent tonsillitis or hypertrophic tonsils. In the second case, the surgery might be used only to reduce the size of the tonsils and not to remove them completely.

If you suffer from tonsillitis more than 3 times a year several years in a row,  schedule a consultation now with ENT surgeon at 022 40 00 40.

Why to choose Otorhinolaryngology at Medpark?

  • team of experienced doctors with a special attitude and individual approach to each patient;
  • endoscopic equipment which helps to establish the correct diagnosis and offers the patient the opportunity to visualize the problem;
  • minimally invasive surgical treatment;
  • surgery is performed under local and general anesthesia (highly specific) which ensures minimal intraoperative bleeding  and  postsurgical period hemorrhage, consequently  – low rate of complications;
  • hospitalization for 1-2 days;
  • single bed wards (with bed for accompanying person if needed), equipped with WiFi and individual WC.