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NEW! Medpark acasă – home health care

01 Apr, 2021

Medpark International Hospital is getting closer to its patients through its new home care service. People in the rehabilitation period, who do not have the possibility to come to the hospital or people who want to avoid visits to the hospital, can request the "Medpark Home" team visit.

Quality health assessments and medical care, in the comfort of your home

“Medpark Acasă” is a component part of the medical services offered by Medpark International Hospital, respecting the same rules and quality requirements. To ensure that all the medical care provided meets JCI safety standards, the services can only be provided after the “Medpark Acasă” family doctor’s initial assessment.

What services can be requested at home?

The “Medpark Acasă” team consists of a family doctor, nurses and midwives, who can provide medical support in the following areas:

  • Family doctor’s consultation and basic functional investigations (electrocardiography, measurement of hypertension, blood glucose);
  • Breastfeeding counseling and postpartum support for mother and baby;
  • Post-operative rehabilitation (care of post-operative wounds, infusions, injections);
  • Collection of laboratory analyzes.

All the results of investigations and consultations offered at home are recorded in the information base of the hospital and the medical staff has real-time access to the patient’s profile and history, if necessary.

50% discount in the first month of the launch of the service

The first beneficiaries of the “Medpark Acasă” program, who turn to the mobile team for help in April, will receive a 50% discount on the services offered. Now high quality medical care is closer to those who need help.

Plan medical assistance for the Chisinau residents

Home medical services are provided only on the basis of prior appointment, as indicated by the family doctor “Medpark Acasă” and are not part of the emergency medical care. These services are available to the residents of Chisinau, both Medpark patients and new patients.

For details and appointments contact us at (+373)78 42 00 42 (available Monday-Friday, 8.00 – 17.00).