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Medicine of future, here!

Medicina viitorului
01 Oct, 2021

How do you imagine the medicine of the future? As something intangible and distant, as if descended from the pages of fantastic books or from a television screen, that present a super-technological world bordering on the impossible? But in fact, the medicine of the future means high-precision diagnostics, surgical interventions without incisions, individual treatment, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, digitalization. All this, in turn, guarantees the patient less pain, faster recovery, more chances for successful treatment and, of course, a higher quality of life.

And all this is possible today in Moldova, because the medicine of future is already here, in the Medpark Hospital, where we will continue to bring it every day. This promise is the essence of Medpark Hospital and inspired us to create a new slogan: “Medicine of future, here!”

For 10 years, we have been constantly innovating and are becoming more and more affirmed in this mission.

  • We introduced in Moldova for the first time the scalpel-free treatment of arrhythmias, surgical treatment of cancer with millimeter incisions, imaging diagnosis with the use of artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies in laboratory medicine and many other methods, equipment and technologies of the future.
  • We apply the principles of personalized medicine and build the first digital platform that includes all the information and medical history of the patient, being instantly accessible to both the patient and the doctor, from any corner of the world.
  • The people of Medpark are the ones who motivate us through vision, courage, continuous development and the acquisition of new skills, so that every patient can enjoy the treatments of the future here and now.
  • The international accreditation offered by the Joint Commission International repeatedly confirms the continuous compliance of the quality of medical services and patient safety with globally recognized standards.

Synergy of these elements allows Medpark to be the place where you can benefit from medicine of the future.

To make your tomorrow the way you want it to be, we bring the medicine of the future today and every day.