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We offer you MORE to our delivery packages!

01 Mar, 2017

Dear future mom,

We want your care to be concentrated on delivery and joy of the first meeting with the newest member of your family, this is the reason Medpark created delivery packages based on principle All Inclusive (Safe Care and Extra Care).  ​Moreover, because we want to become better and bring more value and quality to our delivery packages – we offer you MORE!

Starting with the 23rd of February 2017 our delivery packages will include complementary services at the same price:

  • Screening of metabolic pathologies: phenylketonuria (inborn metabolic disease);
  • Cyanotic heart defects screening;
  • Hearing screening I – acoustic otoemission;
  • Kinesiotherapist consultation with information about postnatal rehabilitation of the mother and newborn care.

If you choose Extra Care Package, your baby will benefit of extra services included in the package (at the same price):

  • Consultation of the pediatrician (at the 2 month of baby’s life);
  • Kinetoterapeutic message for the child – 3 sessions (at the 3 month of baby’s life).

Over 3000 babies choose to be born at Medpark in its 6 years of activity. Maternity Medpark is the perfect place to give birth to a new life.