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Hats off! We have the solution for your baldness

Hair transplant and treatments against hair loss
13 May, 2016
Hair transplantation using the follicular unit extraction method. Exclusive at Medpark

Hair transplantation is an increasingly popular procedure among men and women suffering from hair loss. This involves extracting hair from the back of the head and transferring it into another area. For extremely natural results, Medpark International Hospital recommends you the most modern, efficient and harmless method – FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Unlike other methods that require transplantation of small fragments of skin, FUE is a minimally invasive technique. There is no need for incisions or sutures and no after scarring, the method being suitable also for people who wear short hair. Using a small needle, each hair follicle is extracted separately, without affecting its structure, so the transplantation is more efficient and the healing process takes less. Transplanted hairs retain their natural characteristics and grow normally in the recipient area, in about 3-4 months.

The price for hair transplant intervention depends on the amount of transplanted follicles and is determined by individual characteristics of the patient.

The advantages of FUE:
  • reduced bleeding during the intervention
  • fast recovery after the procedure
  • no scars
  • signs disappear completely after 10-15 days
  • the patient doesn’t feel numbness like after STRIP method
  • if necessary, other interventions could be proceeded over time
  • the result: a very natural look

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