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Get to know your doctor: Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac

07 Aug, 2015

Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac – your child’s doctor
Pediatrician, first category

Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac is one of the 10 doctors in Moldova with post-residential studies in pediatric pulmonology. This determines approximately 2,500 parents annually to ask her for professional help when their little ones get sick. Her professionalism and especially her dedication to her work were appreciated by the Ministry of Health by offering her the first category of specialty. She gained clinical and scientific experience in the field of respiratory healtcare and pediatric asthma, which means, in the first place, healthier children.

During her 9 years of medical experience, Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac participated in different courses and in various national and international traineeships. These include “Management of TB, DOTS Strategy” (2008), “Europedriatics Congress 2009” in Moscow, the courses “Pediatric Emergencies” (2009) in Moldova, Pediatric Conference (2014) in Bucharest.

She shared her experience and knowledge with pediatric colleagues in Romania, at the Congress of Allergology and Clinical Immunology in Targu Mures, where in 2007 she was invited to talk about her experience. It is a success to which she strived for since she graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine at the Medical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” and residency in Pediatrics and Pediatric Pulmonology.

In addition to her work at Medpark, Liliana Visnevschi gets involved in medical education of the society. Her participation in the project “I’m healthy, I grow up nicely” is just one example. Dr. Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac also worked at the School of children with asthma.

Dr. Liliana Visnevschi-Rusnac is a professional which is growing continuously. Her knowledge of Romanian, Russian, English and French languages helps her to study scientific work of the colleagues from other countries and apply the best methods and practices. This is because she wants by all means for the healthcare system in Moldova to be friendly to children.

(publicat 2015)