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Get to know your doctor: Daniela Ivanov

07 Aug, 2015
Daniela Ivanov – cardiologist who treats and wins the hearts of her patients

Cardiologist, category I

Daniela Ivanov is a highly appreciated physician at Medpark International Hospital. As a true specialist, she knows how to create a special, familiar connection with her patients, she understands their needs and knows how to restore their self-confidence. She puts a lot of soul in everything she does, this way winning the hearts and the respect of people around her.

Through her work, dedication, perseverance, and thanks to her professionalism, she became a renowned person in the field of cardiology.

Dr. Ivanov has high professional skills and is specialized in echocardiography. Within Medpark, she provides the cardiologic functional diagnostic, which involves the ambulatory monitoring  of heart rate (Holter ECG) and allows the recording of the heart rate during 24 hours, providing so accurate and clear data. Cardiac patients are monitored constantly: from the first consultation, during the treatment period and after surgical interventions. All investigations and procedures are performed at the highest level, in line with European and international standards within Medpark hospital.

Mrs. Daniela Ivanov seeks to continuously broaden her knowledge and skills, develop her aptitudes by participating in numerous seminars and conferences. Only in 2014, Mrs. Ivanov attended three professional internships, including one in Austria, Salzburg.

She graduated from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” in 2004. Later, she attended postgraduate residency at the Department of Cardiology at the same institution, achieving very good results. Among postgraduate studies can also be specified the fellowship at the Department of Cardiology (specialty Cardiology), at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”.

Dr. Ivanov worked as a cardiologist at the Institute of Cardiology and is now part of the team of top specialists at Medpark, a hospital that enjoys international recognition.

(published in 2015)