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Technical support engineer


  • First- level support of the end – users;
  • Troubleshooting and resolving day-to-day issues;
  • Escalation of the problems to the next support level, if needed.


  • At least 2+ years of university education (graduated from technical programs);
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in the implementation / support of software projects (hands on experience for the end-user supports in software projects;
  • SQL knowledge/skills (preferred);
  • Good English, Romanian and Russian.


  • Work in an international professional environment with a highly qualified team, working according to international standards, Joint Commission International (JCI);
  • The chance to offer, together with us, medical services at higher standards;
  • Unique experience to develop your competences;
  • Development opportunities and professional growing by accessing training programs and continuous learning;
  • Social benefits for you and your family.

 About Medpark:

Medpark International Hospital is the first and the biggest multidisciplinary private hospital in the Republic of Moldova. Open 24/7, the hospital provides services in compliance with the health standards recognized worldwide and at the same level as leading medical institutions on the international market. Medpark brings together more than 200 doctors, lecturers, doctors in medical science that covers all medical and surgical specialties and treat more than 110 000 patients annually.

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Only selected candidates will be contacted.