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Breast augmentation


Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery involves using silicone gel implants to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.


By inserting the proper implant sizes and individualized approach some of the breast asymmetries can also be corrected. Breast augmentation does not correct severely drooping breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller and to be lifted due to sagging, a mastopexy (breast lift) may be required in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Our surgeon will assess you in choosing the right shape and size of your implants ensuring you of getting the best result after the procedure. The implants that we use are the last generation implants in the whole world and once inserted can be left there for your entire life with no danger for your health.

Breast augmentation is a 1 hour and 15 minutes long surgery with general anesthesia. Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. These areas are the inframammary fold, axillar area and periareolar area. The implant is then placed in a special created submuscular pocket so that it will not slip or change position over time. A small drainage tube will be left in each breast for a couple of days. You will be able to go home in the same day wearing a special bra that we will provide you.


During the following several days lifting your arms upright and also lifting something over 5 kg are the only limitations required. In approximately 2 weeks after the surgery you’ll start enjoying the new refreshed shape of your nice looking breasts.