Agapi Ivan

Agapi Ivan

Agapi Ivan

Ophthalmologist-pediatrician, superior category (part-time Medpark)


1984: Residencies studies, ophthalmologist, Clinical Republican Hospital, Chişinău, Moldova
1983: Graduated from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemiţanu", Faculty of General Medicine, Chişinău, Moldova 

Professional experience:

2011-present: Ophthalmologist-pediatrician, Medpark International Hospital
1984-present: Micro-surgeon ophthalmologist, Republican Clinical Hospital for children „Emilian Coţaga”, Chişinău, Moldova


2010: Theoretical-practical course „cataract surgery by phacoemulsification”, Wet Lab Alcon, Chişinău, Moldova
2009: Specialization „ viral affections in ophthalmology, modern methods of diagnostic and treatment, Chişinău, Moldova
2009: Course „ second course in strabismology: advanced training in strabismology, surgeries”, Chişinău, Moldova
2008: Course „ first course in strabismology: strabism basis, diagnosis and treatment”, Chişinău, Moldova
2005: Course „ocular microsurgery for children”, Interdisciplinary technical-scientific complex Eye Microsurgery „S.N.Fedorov”, Moscow, Russia.
2004: Specialization „general ophthalmology”, Chişinău, Moldova

Known languages:

Romanian, russian, english