Pregnancy monitoring

Pregnancy monitoring

From respect for pregnant, future mothers, with love for the baby to be born - Medpark has created a Follow-up monitoring pregnance package. The package enters into force at the 10th-12th week of pregnancy, at which time any pregnant woman should be registered with an authorized medical institution. The registration and monitoring of the pregnancy is done by the family doctor and gynecologist, with the recommended consultations, investigations and analyzes for each term of pregnancy as provided by the legislation in force, as well as a set of additional investigations according to international standards.


  • Primary care and pregnancy surveillance during the prenatal period;
  • Issuing and continuously updating the Individual Pregnancy Sheet (Form 111E) and the Perinatal Carnet (Form 113E) with all information on pregnancy progression and pregnancy health status, according to national standards in force;
  • Issuing of medical and maternity leave certificates;
  • Elaboration and completion of the medical documents necessary for granting the maternity allowance and other state-guaranteed benefits;
  • 24/24 medical services for emergencies;
  • Possibility of choosing a doctor (family doctor, gynecologist);
  • Experienced team of professionals;
  • No queues in medical offices
  • Tracking the pregnancy schedule for the future mother and inviting her to the next stage of monitoring;
  • Educational programs for future parents;
  • 5-star comfort;
  • Continuity of processes: pregnancy planning, pregnancy monitoring, birth, child care - all in a professional, friendly and comfortable environment.

Follow Price Package: 11 400 MDL

Monitoring can also be paid on services separately, but purchasing the package is more advantageous for the future mom.
To be taken into account by the family doctor, the patient must have the confirmed pregnancy (ultrasound).​